The course of sewing underwear Shfeechki
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Курсы шитья нижнего белья

The course "From scratch to a PRO"

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Short description

There are 15 video tutorials waiting for you in the online school

You will be offered two sewing technologies: both with and without an overlock.

We do not sell courses with ready-made patterns, but teach girls to build them themselves and by their own standards.

After completing the course, we will send you a certificate of study at our school.

For the course, we provide a ShFeechki Box - this is a whole box in which, together with all the lace and materials, we send a lot of useful and necessary sewing accessories that will make your course even easier!


~10 meters of lace of your choice, gradation for pajamas, linen foam, cotton or satin of your choice, 6 types of underwear elastic bands, metal and plastic accessories, metal bones and whalebone, tunnel tape, a bra clasp, a gusset and a laundry care book.

Additionally: magnetic needle holder, threads to match the color of processing, thread cutters, chalk, needle pins, needle for sewing machine, measuring tape, tailor scissors.

The main advantages of this course are:

✔ Lace and color processing of your choice in @elle_kruzhevo

✔ We provide FREE high-quality accessories and lace for each course

✔ Delivery of materials to your city from 200 rubles.

✔ Communication with Ellie (our supervisor) in Vatsapp during the course 

8 video tutorials on which you will sew products 

Checking your finished product by me personally (don't be scared, I'm kind :))


The price of the course is now only: 22900rub

1000r discount when purchasing two courses at once.

Open your underwear store on Instagram and earn from 50000r per month.  


You can learn more about the course directly from Ellie (Supervisor). 

Write to WhatsApp and join us!

At the moment we are sending materials in new Fairy boxes (Shfeechki BOX)